Avoid These School Habits for a Better Smile

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Your dentists want you to have the strong and healthy smile you deserve, which is why they strongly recommend cleaning and caring for your teeth and gums throughout the day. This is especially important while you’re attending classes and going to school because there are school habits that can do more damage to your smile than you might realize. It’s best to avoid those habits altogether, which are:

-Chewing on your nails and other hard objects: We understand that chewing on your nails, pens and pencils is a nervous habit that can help you get through your tests and assignments, but it’s very dangerous for the smile. In fact, it applies unnatural pressure to the teeth and can crack the tooth enamel. It’s best to avoid chewing hard things.

-Not drinking enough water: When you drink water, you wash your mouth. This can eliminate the bacteria and food particles that promote dental issues, dry mouth and even bad breath. So, do your best to sip on water throughout the day.

-Not chewing gum: You increase your saliva production when you chew gum. This can help your teeth, gums and smile because saliva can wash away the bacteria, help you prevent dental issues and even neutralize the acids in the mouth. So, try to chew sugar-free gum after every meal and snack.

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