Create an Improved Oral Health Identity with Oral Emergency Treatments

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When an oral emergency occurs, the first few moments after an accident are extremely important to make sure your recovery has the highest chance of success and lowest recovery time. It is imperative to stay calm and to not merely attempt to brush off the situation, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

Create an improved oral health identity with oral emergency treatments. If your oral health care requires one of the following oral emergency treatments, use the information provided:

Cracked Tooth:
– If you suffer a cracked tooth due to blunt trauma or similar damage, wash the area with clean water and apply a gauze pad to minimize bleeding.

Dental Crown or Dental Filling Knocked Loose:
– If a dental crown or dental filling is knocked loose, conceal the affected tooth in your mouth with chewing gum if it had a filling, and a cotton swab if it had a crown.

Tongue/Lip Bite:
– If you bite your lip or tongue, rinse the wound out with clean water and cover with a gauze pad until it stops bleeding.

Tooth Loss:
– If you have a tooth knocked out, place the loose tooth in a liquid substance to keep it moist, as it may be possible for your dentist to save the tooth.

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