Important Facts About Dentures

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If you have or are interested in getting dentures, there are a few instructions that come with them. Because they are not your natural teeth, they may need a little extra care and attention. When you remove them from soaking overnight, never let them dry out or they can chip and crack. Because they are removed, always exercise extreme care when handling them. Here are some frequently asked questions dealing with facts about dentures and what you can do to care for them:

When should dentures be cleaned?
– Cleaning your dentures can be done at various moments throughout the day. After eating, you should remove your dentures to wash and brush them with nonabrasive denture cleansers or water. To avoid contamination, always rinse and clean both your mouth and your dentures before inserting them back into your mouth.

What types of resources should be used for cleaning dentures?
– Always use a dentist-approved denture cleanser or basic water. Never use abrasive toothpaste, hot water, teeth whitening agents, products that contain bleach, or any other product that can be harmful to dentures.

What kinds of health benefits can dentures provide?
– Dentures can improve eating and speaking failures caused by missing teeth. They also enhance the look and feel of your mouth. Aesthetic benefits of dentures include a more youthful look in your face and jawline, enhanced self-esteem, and with modern dentures, a more natural appearance that looks and acts like normal teeth.

What is the lifespan on a set of dentures?
– With ideal care and maintenance, dentures can provide a lifetime of lasting benefits.

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