Mouth-Healthy Foods for Fall

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Autumn is on its way, and with it comes plentiful harvests, full farmer’s markets, and preparation for the holiday season.  Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice good food to keep up with positive dental care! Here are some delicious foods to integrate into your fall diet.

Kale: Dark leafy greens are delicious, and chock full of calcium and other nutrients for a healthy mouth. They are plentiful this time of year, so eat up!

Cheese: All cheese has calcium and protein, which are good for teeth, and are low in sugar–which is also good for overall mouth health. Goat cheese has more calcium and protein per serving than cow’s milk, and fewer calories! Choose a crumbly goat cheese to make your meal really pop with flavor and nutrition.

Apples: Does anything say “September” more than a crisp, juicy, tangy apple? Apples are a great way to include some sweet in your diet without reaching for refined sugar. Whole fruits have natural sugars which are balanced out by the fiber they contain. Crisp fruits such as apples and pears have the added benefit of acting as “nature’s toothbrushes”: scraping away plaque and food debris from teeth.

Nuts: A great to add crunch to your dish, nuts also provide protein and nutrients to keep your mouth working properly. They are a good way to stay full and satisfied until your next meal, cutting down on snacking. This benefits your teeth by preventing prolonged contact with food throughout the day. Plain nuts are also low in sugar, which is good for your mouth.

Try turning the above ingredients into a salad. Start with a bed of dark leafy greens, then add chopped apples, crumbly goat cheese, toasted pecans, and a light dressing. Voila! A tasty, mouth-healthy lunch perfect for your fall season.

Now is also the perfect time to schedule your regular dental appointment, to ensure your teeth are healthy and ready for the holidays. If you live in the Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania area, call Ariel Dental at 570-689-2449 to schedule your appointment today! Dr. Bijan Ahmadzadeh and our staff will be happy to help you keep your smile bright!