Receive Your Dream Smile in as Little as One Visit With Dental Bonding

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Receive Your Dream Smile in as Little as One Visit With Dental Bonding

Over the course of a lifetime, the teeth can experience many damaging conditions, including tooth decay and exposed roots, as well as discoloration, cracks, and chips in the teeth. Dental bonding may be the optimal cosmetic and restorative dental procedure to enhance your smile in a single visit.

A very simple and conservative process, dental bonding consists of applying tooth-colored material to a weakened or cosmetically flawed tooth to enhance its color and shape. We fuse the material to your tooth enamel to fortify the bond.

Dr. Bijan Ahmadzadeh employs the use of a color guide to ensure we choose an aesthetic color for the resin that will be applied to your tooth. After roughening the the tooth, we encourage the resin to bond to the tooth by applying a conditioning liquid, and then we mold the resin into its proper shape. Finally, we use a special light to set the bond.

Placing a dental bond can last 30 minutes to an hour, and typically doesn’t call for anesthesia if we aren’t treating a cavity. A simpler process than dental crown treatment, dental bonding can often be performed in just one visit. There is no special care for dental bonding, and the results can last up to ten years.

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