Avoid These School Habits for a Better Smile

Your dentists want you to have the strong and healthy smile you deserve, which is why they strongly recommend cleaning and caring for your teeth and gums throughout the day. This is especially important while you’re attending classes and going to school because there are school habits that can do more damage to your smile than you might realize. It’s... read more »

Got Questions About Nitrous Oxide? Here Are Your Answers

If you have questions about nitrous oxide, like many people do, you have come to the right blog. Here you can find the answers you need so you can know more about this dental sedative. To give you the answers you’re looking for, our dentists, Drs. Scrimalli, Ratchford and Ahmadzadeh, are happy to answer commonly asked questions about nitrous oxide,... read more »

How Can I Help My Child Prevent Dental Issues?

If you’re interested in keeping your child’s smile free from dental problems, then you have come to the right blog. Our dentist, Dr. Bijan Ahmadzadeh, is happy to help you help your child so they can have the top-notch oral health they deserve. Today, he will discuss the things you can do to keep cavities, gum disease, and enamel erosion... read more »

Help Your Smile Thrive Even If You Have Diabetes

If you have diabetes, at Ariel Dental in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania, we understand how important it is to provide excellent oral care to ensure a healthy smile. Diabetes affects more than 29.1 million people in the U.S. alone, and keeping your condition managed and building a strong immune system is vital. When you have diabetes, your saliva production is lowered,... read more »

Protect Your Smile with a Mouth Guard

You deserve a strong and healthy smile. To achieve that goal, you need to keep up with oral hygiene, visit your dentist, and have a balanced diet. You also need to protect your teeth and gums when you participate in high-contact sports and activities. If you’re not careful, hard, forceful objects can hit your mouth and cause oral injury. This... read more »

Why Do Dentists Recommend Dental Veneers?

Your dentist, Dr. Bijan Ahmadzadeh, offers many cosmetic dental treatments at Ariel Dental to help you correct your tooth imperfections and achieve the smile of your dreams. There are many reasons why he provides these treatments at our office, but today we would like to focus on why he offers dental veneers. Dental veneers are water-thin shells that cover your... read more »