The Importance of Taking Care of Your Dental Health as well as Your Health When Sick

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Your dental health is definitely important to take care of along with your overall health when battling a cold, flu or other sickness. Here at the office of Ariel Dental, we want to emphasize how vital it is to care for your teeth to prevent tooth decay, gum disease or a number of other issues.

Pain in your upper teeth can be an issue, often the result of a sinus infection. Nasal congestion can also be a problem, impeding your breathing. This can lead to dry mouth, which may increase your risk of bacteria growth, tooth decay, or gum disease. Along with your overall health care, add these tips to treat your teeth:

– Lots of fluids will help avoid dry mouth, especially when taking medications. Limit your sports drinks containing lots of sugar. Teas without sugar or lemon and lots of water will help hydrate you. Sugarless cough drops will also help prevent tooth decay.

– Use saline nasal spray, nasal decongestants, or an at-home humidifier to help clear your airway.

– If you vomit, be sure to swish and spit with either water, mouthwash, or a mix of 1 tsp. of baking soda and water. This prevents stomach acid from lingering, but do not brush your teeth until thirty minutes after vomiting.

See your doctor about antibiotics if the use of over-the-counter medicines are not decreasing your pain. Ariel Dental’s professionals want to provide you with great dental care, so give us a call at 570-689-2449. Set up an appointment or consultation here in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania, today!