The Placement Process of a Tooth-Colored Dental Filling

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A unique function, and therefore need, applies to every tooth in your smile. For example, chewing is performed largely by your molars and premolars, causing them to sustain a lot of pressure and require ongoing durability. When tooth decay occurs on these back teeth, Dr. Bijan Ahmadzadeh typically places an amalgam dental filling because these materials are strong. However, they are also very visible against your teeth.

We may recommend a composite dental filling to restore a prominent tooth, and we review the placement process below.

Our dentist creates the composite filling by mixing powdered glass with acrylic resin so that it can be shaded to match your natural tooth color. Placing a composite filling can take longer than other types of fillings because it’s performed a layer at a time. We also cure each layer before applying the next. Dr. Bijan Ahmadzadeh often provides these tooth-colored dental fillings for small cavities that developed on teeth that can be easily seen but don’t do a lot of biting and chewing.

The next step is to polish the filling material to help it blend and become stain resistant. However, if you frequently consume dark foods or beverages, you could still stain your filling and need to have it polished again. Proper dental filling care includes maintaining your oral health through daily brushing and flossing and visiting the dental office for dental checkups twice a year.

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