Tips for Flossing Properly

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We’ve all heard that it’s important to floss, but in reality, many people don’t. This could be because they find flossing difficult. With proper technique, however, flossing can be a simple way to safeguard your oral health. Try to practice the following tips:

Pull out about 18 inches of floss, and coil most of it around a finger on your dominant hand. Then coil the remainder around the same finger on the opposite hand.

Make the floss taut, and then slowly slide it between your teeth.

With the floss at your gums, pull the floss against both sides of the tooth and gently slide it up and down.

Repeat this process with new sections of floss for each tooth.

By simply adding flossing to your oral hygiene regimen and following these tips, you can greatly increase the health of your mouth and reduce your risk for gum disease! For advanced, one-on-one training on flossing correctly, call us at 570-689-2449 now and schedule an appointment with our Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania, office. Dr. Bijan Ahmadzadeh and our team at Ariel Dental will be so thrilled to teach you proper flossing technique. We’ll see you in our office for that flossing lesson soon!